I am an arts manager from Helsinki specialised in all things digital with an inextinguishable thirst for culture, high and low. I love visiting the opera, the theatre, galleries and museums as well as looking at graffiti. My passion is for classical music and the digital transformation of cultural organisations.

Together with colleagues from the Sibelius Academy, I founded the cultural co-operative ExClaM!, whose work seeks to expand people’s comfort zones by a pleasantly adventurous amount, by means of the arts in general and music in particular.

I hold a Master's degree in cross-disciplinary engineering specialising in Interaction and Communication and am working towards a Master's degree in Arts Management at the Sibelius Academy. My engineering studies focused on IT, knowledge management, semantic web and programming and included social subjects such as sociology, philosophy and aesthetics.

My native language is Finnish, but I also speak fluent German and English and am in good command of Swedish.


Art University – Sibelius Academy, expected graduation in May 2014

MA in Music (Arts Management)

Course work covering Arts Management Framework, Cultural Policy Framework, Strategic Management, Leadership in Organisations, Project Management and Producing, Human Resource Management, Law, Marketing, Media Relations, Audience Development, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Fundraising and Sponsorships, Cultural Exports, Intercultural Communication

Aalto University – School of Science, graduated April 2011

MSc in Engineering (Interaction and Media) with honours

Course work covering Social Sciences, Economics, Knowledge Management and a Minor in Data Security. Thesis: Document Classification Using Machine Learning and Ontologies. Graduation speaker.

BSc in Engineering (Interaction and Media)

Course work covering Social Sciences, Economics, Knowledge Management and a Minor in Musicology, Helsinki University. Thesis: Ontologian arviointi OntoClean-menetelmällä (engl. Evaluating ontologies using OntoClean)



arts manager


Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Helsinki

Helsinki-based ExClaM! is a production company, with a mission to expand people’s comfort zones by means of the arts in general and music in particular. I founded it together with Italian and German colleagues, who I met at the Sibelius Academy. So far, ExClaM! has organised three summer concert seasons, two in the main hall of the Helsinki Music Centre and one around the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, as well as a community-building art project for the Art University in Finland. It has also presented two Finnish contemporary operas in Tokyo and London. My responsibilities include solving logistical problems, making budget decisions, contacting stakeholders and reporting to them as well as creating digital contents, such as trailers, website, social media and concert programmes.
ExClaM!'s website

Sibelius Birth Town Foundation

Digital Producer, Hämeenlinna

The Sibelius Birthtown Foundation is in charge of organising the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius in 2015 and I am in charge of planning the online visibility. Together with the graphic designer of the project we have devised a 360 degree plan for how the Finnish and international audience could discover the life and work of the famous composer online and through new media applications. In October 2014 a Sibelius-inspired hackathon, SibHack, is organised at the Finnish Art Museum Ateneum. Additionally I have lead the execution of the new website of the anniversary With desiging the website I took into consideration that its level of technical sophistication can be raised as more funds for the project become available.
Sibelius 150th anniversary website
SibHack website

Uusinta Ensemble

Executive Director, Helsinki

Uusinta Ensemble commissions and performs new music works. Its musicians are some of the best Finnish freelance musicians and a few of them also hold posts in two of Finland’s biggest symphony orchestras. The ensemble has asked me to consult them on improving their visibility in Finland and abroad as well as to create with them new performance concepts that have the potential of reaching new audiences. I have applied my video editing skills to enhance their video material and applied their new visual identity on all of their social media channels in order to create a cohesive look for them. I strove to make the best of their networking potential when the ensemble headlined at the MATA Festival in New York in April 2014.
Uusinta Ensemble's website

Philharmonia Orchestra

Digital Department Trainee, London

The traineeship at the Philharmonia Orchestra has allowed me to extend my technological skills as well as see how an art organisation uses technology for marketing, education and development. During my time I have mainly focused on creating film and other digital content and assisted the Digital Producer in film-shoots, research, audio-visual recording, editing and post-production. I have been in charge of small projects myself, such as recording a live concert and editing a promotional film to be shown in an elevator. For the latter I investigated the unusual setting and analysed the functionality of the film so to ensure its maximum exposure. I have been organising a film-shoot for an upcoming video and coordinated it with the Philharmonia’s musicians that are to be featured in that film.
Philharmonia's website

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Press Events Coordinator, Savonlinna

I was in charge of organising two large press conferences for the busy 100th Anniversary season of Finland’s largest opera festival, coordinating all filming that was done in the festival venue as well as scheduling artist interviews that the press requested. Since all interview requests went through me, I learned how to compromise between the artists’ sensitivities as well as the reporters’, who needed to write newsworthy articles.

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Social Media Advisor, Helsinki

My task was to create and execute a social media strategy for this major orchestra in Finland. I focused on improving the orchestra’s Twitter activity from automated posts mirroring their Facebook account to real tweets. I also taught the communication officer the basics and culture of tweeting and gave some input to the orchestra’s activity on Facebook and analysed other social media for the orchestra to conider using. During my time at the FRSO the number of their Twitter followers grew from under 200 to over 800. Currently they have over 1200 followers.

Sibelius Academy

Lecturer for the course: Artist Visibility Online


Opera producer


Student Union: Event Manager – Mantan lakitus


arts + technology

SibHack — A Sibelius-inspired Hackathon

SibHack is an event for code, music and digital creativity, inspired by Sibelius, which takes place at the Ateneum Art Museum from 17 October to 19 October 2014. SibHack looks for creative and open-minded ways to combine the iconic composer with modern technology. The objective is to create informative, experiential and experimental digital content, inspired by Sibelius and the world of art.

This event is being realised together with Ateneum, Eficode and the Sibelius 150th Anniversary. Our team wanted to create an event of the digital age that would be true to the spirit of Sibelius. We are organising the event for everyone hovering in the middle ground between art and technology and forsee that we will have a creative and fun weekend spending two nights at the museum in October.
SibHack's website

Online Visibility of Artists and Art Organisations

Drawing from my experience at the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonia Orchestra I have created an introductory course to the online presence of individual artists and art organisations. During the course I reflect on current trends used for online marketing and evaluate them against a broad theoretical framework that includes among others sociology, network theory and knowledge management.

Most recently I have lectured this course at the University of Arts Sibelius Academy and covered the following topics:

An introductory course for online visibility aims to demystify the web and its inner workings. Web 2.0 is the term used for a web that enables a large crowd to interact and co-create content. This is possible only through designing intuitive interfaces, which invite that kind of an activity and enable people with no programming skills to create and publish contents online. The web is full of these opportunities and through them a non technical-minded person has the chance to become seen and heard online.